Broadband Compare Awards 2020

Friday 16th October 2020 | Auckland

Opinion Compare

Company Overview

New Zealand's newest source of insight is here.

Opinion Compare is a consumer panel of responsive New Zealanders who want to provide opinions to help shape and deliver better products for the local NZ market.  This group of engaged Kiwis grows daily as does what we know about them, their lives and behaviours.

Opinion Compare has been created by NZ Compare, Tactix, and The Interpreters who are internationally experienced market research and panel insight experts. 
If insights and market research is new to you, or if you’re looking for a fresh approach, Opinion Compare is for you. We pride ourselves on working together with businesses with regular insight needs as well as those with no idea what to do or what questions will meet their needs.  You can also download our panel profile here or even check out some interesting statistics that we've collected from our members.

You may well have seen Opinion Compare in the news already.  The results from our streaming survey caused a national stir and were featured prominently in Stuff, The Herald and on the Mike Hosking Breakfast Show.  Click on the links to have a read.

To celebrate our sponsorship of the Broadband Compare TUANZ Awrads we're offering two free questions in our October omnibus - a nationally representative survey of 500 New Zealanders.  Simply let us know your questions by the 27th of September.  Results back to you 2nd week of October and you'll see the true value of nationally representative insights.

Find out more - Visit Opinion Compare 

Need help with your insights?  Click here to contact the team or call us at (09) 215 7858 to discuss.