Broadband Compare Awards 2020

Friday 16th October 2020 | Auckland



Kacific1, a high-throughput broadband Ka-band satellite, was launched in December 2019 and is now fully operational over New Zealand.  Kacific is a next-generation broadband satellite operator. We’re committed to providing universal access to fast and high-quality broadband at an affordable cost using proven technologies and an agile business model. Kacific is backed by a group of investors with experience in global telecommunications infrastructure and  operates the only pure-broadband next-generation satellite covering New Zealand and the Pacific. 

The Kacific Difference:

  • Coverage: Kacific1 has three spot beams covering New Zealand, reaching even the most remote areas
  • Quality connection: powerful KA-band beams deliver bandwidth with high availability.
  • Affordable: proven, powerful satellite technologies, low cost ground infrastructure, quick and hassle-free deployment.
  • High speed: Achieving end user speeds of over 100 Mbps forward with small and affordable antennas 

Best Rural Provider