The Broadband Compare TUANZ Awards 2018 - Thurs 8th November 2018

The Orange Coronation Ballroom, Auckland 

Crown Infrastructure Partners


Formerly Crown Fibre Holdings, Crown Infrastructure Partners (CIP) was originally established to manage the Government’s $1.5 billion investment in Ultra-Fast Broadband (UFB) infrastructure. 

Company Overview

The UFB programme is deploying fibre-to-the-premises technology to approximately 1.8 million households and businesses in 393 towns/cities. The end goal is to have the UFB network available to 87% of New Zealand’s population (including some private fibre) by 2022. 70% of the population now has access to UFB.

CIP also funds telecommunications operators through grants to deploy and upgrade networks for the Rural Broadband Initiative phase two/Mobile Black Spots programme, which will be substantially complete by the end of 2021.

CIP was also repurposed in September 2017 to carry out development of commercial models to enable public and private co-investment in bulk infrastructure, to support growth in housing supply.