The Broadband Compare TUANZ Awards 2019

Thursday 7th November 2019 at Crowne Plaza, Auckland 

Stephen Keith

Stephen has been in the NZ telecommunications industry for 10 plus years. He spent 8 years at Vodafone in various senior sales roles, including the Vodafone Global Enterprise team. He is currently at Prysmian, an Italian multinational and key UFB partner. Prysmian manufactures fibre optic cable solutions and is the major supplier of fibre optics deployed in NZ.

Stephen is very proud to be part of our UFB project, enabling a world class fibre to the home deployment that will future proof New Zealand from the ever-increasing demand for bandwidth and data consumption.

He recognises that the digital divide is real and needs to be addressed by both government and corporates acknowledging the social and economic benefits that come from being connected.