The Broadband Compare TUANZ Awards 2018 - Thurs 8th November 2018

The Orange Coronation Ballroom, Auckland 


Matthew has worked in telecommunications since 2003 working with many of New Zealand's telcos, mobile operators, 2nd tier operators and regional  WISPs. He worked on 2degrees’ marketing launch, got 'naked' with WXC, spent time on Telecom's rural broadband stand with BCL and helped Kordia win a TUANZ award in 2009.

As the Commercial Director at Bypass Networks — a global company headquartered in New Zealand and an NZTE F700 customer — he watches global trends in mobile and broadband markets overseas. He has spoken at NOG and ISOC events in India about online safety. He is an investor in Doctor2Go, a company using the web to reduce the time it takes to see a doctor or mental health professional. Matthew is an Edmund Hillary Fellow, one of a community of impact entrepreneurs building meaningful solutions to global problems.