The Broadband Compare TUANZ Awards 2018 - Thurs 8th November 2018

The Orange Coronation Ballroom, Auckland 

Joe Davis

Joe is the Founder & CEO of Nanogirl Labs.  A passionate entrepreneur and innovator, Joe has built and led organisations ranging from the tech sector to sea rescue, the performing arts to corporate consulting.  Joe has an extensive background in leading innovation and change, turning new ideas into reality. 

Joe leads the Nanogirl Labs team worldwide.  Nanogirl Labs are working to unlock human potential. They believe that everyone should have the chance to enjoy a meaningful relationship with STEAM – science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics. Internet connectivity plays a vital role in enabling learning and remote working across diverse geographic locations. 

Nanogirl Labs’ latest project – The Kitchen Science Cookbook – is a beautiful recipe book with a twist: every recipe is a science experiment you can explore at home with your family.  The book is now a best-seller in both New Zealand and the UK.  For every copy sold online, Nanogirl Labs donate a copy to someone who would not otherwise have the chance to explore science in this way.