The Broadband Compare TUANZ Awards 2018 - Thurs 8th November 2018

The Orange Coronation Ballroom, Auckland 

Ben Lenihan

Ben is President of the New Zealand eSports Federation as well as a NZ qualified lawyer specialising in technology and business. He has also advised commercial operators on the establishment of eSports businesses and the operation of eSports events.

Having worked as a lawyer throughout Europe, he can attest to the growing importance of NZ being connected to the world via excellent broadband services. He is well aware of the importance of good internet connectivity to the whole NZ economy and the great opportunities it can bring.

Before working as a lawyer, Ben worked as a programmer creating database driven websites and ecommerce solutions.

Ben brings a unique perspective to the Broadband Compare Awards Judging Panel as someone who fully understands the requirements and needs for the gaming community in New Zealand.

We welcome Ben back as a judge for 2018.